United States Air Force


Acquisition Planning, Advisory Services and Program Management for Air Force Logistics Transformation.

Providing advisory and architectural services for the establishment and adoption of the DoD’s and AF’s methodologies including DOD5000 (Acquisition Methodology), Business Capability Lifecycle (BCL), Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) and the Air Force’s Services Development and Delivery Process (SDDP).

Assisting and supporting program activities in support of Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) and the definition/evolution of the Material Solution.

Provided guidance to drive program investments, governance, risk management, audit guidance, execution plans, acquisition/contracts strategy, milestone management and deliverables with an emphasis on business process transformation and end-to-end business process value.

Developed Strategic Technology Roadmaps and Plans for various areas including Cloud & Grid Computing, SaaS & PaaS, Middleware & Big Data Solutions, Cyber Security, Common Tools & Services Baselines, Web & SOA Services, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Platforms, Network & Applications Modernization / Consolidation / Virtualization, and COTS/ERP/HCM/CRM solutions.


Due to outdated processes and aging IT systems that lack integrated functionality, the Air Force Logistics Community struggled to provide a high level of mission support. Amidst increasing costs and responsibilities and decreasing resources, the Air Force needed to modernize business processes and implement integrated solutions in order to afford and support 21 st century air and space weapon systems and supplies.

To meet the future logistics vision, Air Force logistics processes needed significant improvement. The Air Force could no longer view logistics processes in terms of disparate functional areas, across over 440 aging legacy systems, but needed to vision it as a single integrated logistics enterprise. The driving goals were to effectively and affordably provide the logistics capability required to meet the needs of the world’s premier expeditionary air and space force.


iCollaboration was the key Business Transformation and Program Advisor for the Air Force Logistics Transformation program. The program involved:
The development of an industry best practices based blue-print that enabled seamless end-to-end supply chain operations.

Design and Build of a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Framework using a single Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) Application as its centerpiece, The ERP replaced 440 outdated legacy systems, and integrated with Department of Defense (DoD), Commercial, and other Air Force functions (e.g., Civil Engineering, Human Resources, Financial Management, Acquisition, etc.).

The Results

Provide expedient logistics support to flight-lines and depots through a fully integrated and highly automated capability with 80% increase in efficiency

Over a period of 6 years, the new solution would better utilize inventory, parts and supply, and would reduce excess inventory/wastage to the tune of $18 to $20 Billion