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Would you like to modernize and your technology infrastructure, and migrate your application workloads into the cloud, while se securing & protecting your data and applications? Are you looking for multiple cloud solutions to optimize your Technology Footprint? If you could –

  • Have extremely resilient and reliable systems with instantaneous Fail-Over and Fail-Safe capabilities, and Near Zero Data Loss?
  • Double or triple your system performance and efficiencies!
  • Hybridize between Public and Private Clouds, and seamlessly integrate with Legacy On-Premise Systems!
  • Reduce operations and maintenance costs by 25% to 75%!
  • Could potentially reduce software licensing by 15% to 50%!
  • And migrate rapidly without expensive re-development or upgrade costs within the shortest possible time!

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Creating a better customer experience wherever, whenever, and however.

Cloud Value Assessments and Roadmaps that optimally align with business goals & IT Frameworks from concept to execution. Implementation of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, focusing on Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.

  • Provide Comparisons and ROI of various Cloud Vs On Premise models
  • Development of Cloud Architectures, and Proof of Concepts
  • Cloud Roadmaps, Implementations, Migration & Enablement across various cloud providers – Oracle Cloud SaaS/PaaS/IaaS, AWS, Azure
  • Configure, Implement and migrate applications & workloads
  • Government Infrastructure – DISA DECC, STAX & RACE; MilCloud, AWS Government Cloud, Oracle Government Cloud
Our cloud focus includes:
  • Cloud Strategy & Infrastructure Implementation
  • Cloud Application Implementation
  • Cloud Integration and Migration
  • Cloud Security and Access Services
  • Cloud Governance, Orchestration and Provisioning
  • Cloud Managed Services


United States Air Force case-study-1

United States Air Force

Acquisition Planning, Advisory Services and Program Management for Air Force Logistics Transformation.
City of Virginia Beach case-study-2

City of Virginia Beach

Upgrade of the existing Oracle ERP system to Release 12 & implementation of new modules in the Human Capital Managem

The iCollab Approach is a multi-phased approach that transcends three major phases – Shape, Transform and Realize. Our approach is specifically designed with the understanding that “One size does not fit all”. While we believe that our customer’s business is unique, we also believe that several business functions’ best practices cut across industries and organizations, and that there exist high degrees of commonality for several functions. Our targeted outcome driven approach focuses on key principles and tenets

  • 1. Shape

    We align our approach to optimizing the business objectives and goals by spending time directly with the end-users . We take a human-centered design approach to drive business results. We also standardize essential operational data, processes, and business rules to significantly improve the customer’s ability to process and share information throughout the enterprise.

  • 2. Transform

    This is where we bring the design vision to life –  we simplify the complex business rules that complicates operations and causes expensive risk-filled solutions and inhibits performance improvement. We optimize the core end-to-end business process to eliminate non-value added activities which helps us achieve  significant improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operations.

  • 3. Realize

    We deploy an integrated Systems and Services rapidly and cost effectively with a focus on sound requirements management and comprehensive risk mitigation to achieve improved efficiency and effectiveness throughout the entire enterprise.

The iCollab Approach is intended to facilitate the application of the key principles and tenets in the context of a customer’s business objectives and goals, and realize significant gains in business efficiency, agility, and stability, while achieving strong return on investment.